The Pegasus Residence - The true paradise in Bien Hoa City

The Pegasus Residence - The true paradise in Bien Hoa City

The Pegasus Residence is the first closed villas at Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai. A lifestyle completely different, clean environment and perfectly comfortable. Join us to explore and enjoy life values of a true paradise

Convenient location

Located on strategic road Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh-Dau Giay, the highway axis of Ho Chi Minh City-Vung Tau. The project is far from Hochiminh City 25 km, away from BigC shopping center and Sonadezi college about 2 km, the Hospital and Children's Hospital is about 3.5 km, Dong Nai Bus Station 3km, An Binh Residential 2.5km, Bien Hoa Airport 15 km, Bien Hoa Railway Station 15km.

Located adjacent to Highway 51 and a central location on city route to Vung Tau City, HCMC, Binh Duong, Binh Thuan.

From The Pegasus Residence you and your family can come with lots of scenic, recreational area such as: Son Tien tourist resort, Green Club, Buu Long Tourist, Giang Dien Waterfall Resort.

Project scale

The Pegasus was planned comprehensively on the land over 5.6 hectares divided into two phases. Phase 1 Ruby Villas include 68 double and single villas. Phase 2 Blue Diamond Villas include 69 single villas.

Ruby Villas


In populations are synchronized planning, 68 double and single villas with modern design and well-aired space on 1.8 hectares of land over 5.6 hectares in total. The Pegasus Residence is the harmony between the landscape and urban beauty.

Blue Diamond Villas

In The Pegasus Residence populations, investor special to exploit the advantage natural terrain and landscape of the waterfront. Blue Diamond Villas expected planning 69 single villas located around the lake and get a view of the Dong Nai River.

Clean enviroment

Blend with nature, surrounded by the Dong Nai river, clean, quiet, gentle with the sweet taste... You pleasure fun, or strolling the shade tree-lined and mix with nature, soaring with sky but forget worries, hustle of everyday life. Enjoy!

Peaceful place

Harmonious, boisterous brouhaha of laughter... the sounds of love and happiness to your family... Keep off moments in the house beloved, warm and secure the family and friends.

Great utilities

The best utilities are always served for residents here. You will feel comfortable and convenient with any requirements.

For further information, please contact:

Toan Thinh Phat Architecture-Construction-Investment Corporation
Add: Vo Thi Sau Street, Quyet Thang Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.
Tel: 84.61.3882 0859 - Fax: 84.61.3882 0833