The Bella Vista - Venetian style residential in Vietnam

The Bella Vista - Venetian style residential in Vietnam

Located on the land lot No.400 Nguyen Duy Street, Ward 9, District 8, HCM City. This is the central region of District 8, where has crowded population, far away from Ben Thanh Market about 5 km with convenient transportation system, thriving business. The Bella Vista is located adjacent with two front road Nguyen Duy and Hung Phu, beside the river and East-West Highway.

Project scale

The Bella Vista is built on a total area of about 13.298 m2, including two basements, 19 storeys. Total floor area of 79.533 m2, in which the area for commercial is 8.255 m2, the area for apartments from the 3rd floor to 19th floor is 59.362 m2.

Design Concept

Inspired by Venice city, a city with a long life lies in northeastern Italy, on an island in the Venetian lagoon. Venice is known as the city on the river, world famous with the waterway and small boats.

As the design, the project has unique architecture and the largest scale in district 8, the Bella Vista project includes two parallel blocks embrace a middle space reserved for development in the array of natural greenery. As a miniature Venice city, the "valley" of the two apartment blocks are designed as a horizontal north-flowing river including a long blue lake and green trees arranged around, not only unique in terms of design concept, but it is also a perfect cooling method to the problem of urban high-rise apartments.

Three top floors of the building are applied the different layer architecture, creating maximum airy for each apartment, free from the narrow path of traditional apartments. Each penthouse apartments are owned a separate pool in the main door, enjoying the fresh nature, here you can relate to a unique hanging gardens with trees, wind, water between the bustling urban .

The Bella Vista project also is one of the first project appling "Floating basement" technology, creating the fresh air and clean up this area. It can be said of this project not only provides a great place for families, but it also is a great solution for a perfect living space with full facilities and natural greenery, which all urban residents are looking for a day.

Project Progress

Expected to begin in Q4/2010, construction period is 2 years. When completion, Bella Vista will provide 544 apartments and 6.604 m2 commercial center services to the market.

The participating partners include:

- Owner: Binh Tay Co., Ltd.
- Development: Ben Thanh Land
- Financial Sponsor: Grand Capital.

For further information, please contact:

Ben Thanh Land Investment Corporation
Add: 71-79 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.7303 8888 - Fax: 84.8.7303 7777