TDH-Truong Tho Apartment - The peaceful place for life

TDH-Truong Tho Apartment - The peaceful place for life

TDH-Truong Tho Apartment Building has an ideal geographical position; on the gently sloped descend, is away from the city center 9 km. In the future, TDH-Truong Tho will be on the road which combine with Vanh Dai 2 St.30m from HaNoi Highway to Tan Son Nhat-Binh Loi Street.

TDH-Truong Tho Apartment Building comprises of two blocks of 12 -15 floors and has public basement.

Total investment capital is over 30 billion VND. Construction will be completed on September 2009 and supply 262 apartments. The area of each apartment is from 80 sqm to 200 sqm.

TDH-Truong Tho Apartment Building is designed with style of modern architecture.

The best conveniences for residents are the leading norm of investor. Therefore, the design of TDH-Truong Tho Apartment Building is paid attention carefully in order to assure convenience, safety and comfort. Moreover, accommodations are arranged logically and scientifically to make a clear and vivid life space.

Beautiful apartments have diversified interior to satisfy customers’ demands about aesthetic aspect.

Each apartment is equipped with full of modern and safe technical systems such as cablevision network, telecom phone , ADSL, automatic fire alarm …. The project is also installed Mitsubishi luxurious elevator systems ( Japan) with high speed, Daikin air-condition ( Japan) and amplify cell phone wave system to overcome losing wave phenomenon in buildings.

TDH-Truong Tho apartment building has a nice view. From the highest place towards the Northeastern, the owner’s apartment will see the villas of the Universities Village and fresh verdure along HaNoi Highway in the distance.

Within apartment precincts, along internal way, there are the ranges of verdures in order to create fresh environment. Besides, between two blocks, there is playground for children with lean-to and other conveniences.

C.I.D Consultancy Firm ( Singapore) controls the quality of project stringently; besides, experienced and prestigious contractors with full modern equipments are responsible for the construction of the project.

The feature of TDH-Truong Tho apartment building is a strategic position since it is away from Vanh Dai 2 Street about 60m. Actually, this is an ideal distance in making division to avoid noise and dust. Especially, it combines with lifeline to city and away from Binh Thai station of Metro BenThanh- SuoiTien route under 500m. Therefore, it is convenient for the traffic to the city. The Metro BenThanh – SuoiTien route has begun and foreseen to complete in 2013.

With motto that will bring the best products for customers. Investors attach special importance to both the ideas and design details to create comfortable life space and clear environment, fresh atmosphere and the path around the project precincts. All things will bring to peacefulness and relaxation so that the owners can reduce stress and enjoy ease, happiness, full of vitality when they come back home. “TDH-TruongTho Apartment Building” is the actual place that brings to the peaceful life for residents.

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