TDC Plaza - Green complex in heart of Binh Duong New City

TDC Plaza - Green complex in heart of Binh Duong New City

Located in the heart of Binh Duong New City, where was planned to become the administrative center with a series of important constructions, including hi-tech park, financial center and other public areas, such as: parks, center square, hospital, kindergarden, highschool and college…, TDC Plaza is a highlighted structure with elegant design created to be an outstanding seal in the sky of Binh Duong new city...

The project with the total investment of 1,000 billion includes 5 blocks (18-20 storeys each), situated next to a 40ha - large ecological lake. Heading to be a "Green Complex" in the heart of city center which can create gentle and aerial feelings to residents, TDC Plaza' construction density is very low.

With 4 adjacent main roads as well as an entrance and a small square with jet pool each side, the building has great advantages. TDC Plaza residents can also enjoy self-contained services such as restaurants, cafes, gyms, hiking, reading and outdoor activity areas...

As designed, there will be 50 luxury shops in the ground floor and mezzanine. Second floor will be used for business and commercial purposes. Remaining floors are designed to include spacious and flexible areas, all rooms are natural-light-oriented, even restrooms and drying grounds are arranged clearly and intelligently.

Particularly, at floor 17th and 18th will be located the 2-storey penthouses which are designed as true garden villas with luxury amenities such as theater, family library, private working room, family maid room, storage, swimming pool, garden and outdoor patio... Especially, kitchen and bathroom equipments are the high-grade products which were ordered and imported directly from Germany.

TDC Plaza will be a focus area with many facilities for residents in Binh Duong and other nearby provinces. The infrastructure was planned by the Institute of National University of Singapore (NUS), a trust-worthy partner that can be a guarantee for synchronous and detailed planning. With all of these advantages, we believe that TDC Plaza will be a "Green Complex" which is eagerly welcomed by the market... The total investment of 1,000 billion.

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