Opening Richland Hill & Richland Emerald Showroom

Opening Richland Hill & Richland Emerald Showroom
Richland Hill - a city within a city – is the ideal place to live and the best place to build a home. With Richland Hill, you will get more than just a house.

• Richland Hill, New York lifestyle: the architectural design is creating a revolution of new living style, New York style. With luxurious, modern and elegant buildings reminiscent of New York city; Richland Hill possesses all the comforts of life and will become your perfect home.

• Richland Hill, a convenient location: located in District 9, the complex offers a unique combination of location, services and style. Richland Hill is close to the city center but far enough away that residents can benefit from views of green space and river ways. Moreover, Richland Hill is conveniently located near to the future metro station with an expected completion date on 2013. The new and modern metro line will connect your new home at Richland Hill with the heart of the city.

• Richland Hill, facilities and amenities: Richland Hill is specially designed for people who are looking for a new living standard. Unwind after work in one of the swimming pools located in a natural, green environment on top of each apartment block or let all your senses relax in one of the luxurious spas.

With over 30,000 sq meters of retail space, Richland Hill will offer only the finest
shopping experience.

Type of Apartments:

Amethyst: 73.4 sq meters, 1 bedroom
Aquamarine: 167.2 - 169.8 sq meters, 3 bedrooms
Diamond: 76 sq meters, 1 bedroom
Emerald: 74 sq meters, 2 bedrooms
Sapphire: 93.7 - 95.8 sq meters, 2 bedrooms
Pearl: 143.2 - 145.6 sq. meters, 3 bedrooms
Ruby: 140.7 – 143.5 sq meters, 3 bedrooms
Garnet: 121.2 – 125.8 sq meters, 2 bedrooms

Rate of progress.

- 9/2008: complete basement.

- Total compound district is terminated and come in use into the beginning of the year 2011.

Opening Richland Hill & Richland Emerald Showroom. Add: 177B - Cao Thang St, W.10, Distr. 10, HCMC.

More informations, please contact:

Mr. Khuong - Sale department.
177B - Cao Thang St - Ward 10 - Distr. 10 - Hochiminh City.