IJC Aroma Apartment Complex

IJC Aroma Apartment Complex

Binh Duong New City was planned & built to meet the population up to a million people eligible to become a level 2nd urban in the future. This will be the political - economic - cultural center of Binh Duong province, the city is a modern, dynamic and sustainable. Binh Duong New City will include:

- Local administrative focus of Binh Duong.
- Local parks, high-technology.
- Office for rent, restaurants, advanced hotels.
- National international exhibition, the International University.
- Financial Center, commercial, banking, securities.
- The public works such as square, park, lake ecology, cultural center, kindergarten, hospital....

IJC Aroma combination hi-class apartment project is located in the heart of new city - next to the eco lake - contribute to the active face agricultural of the Binh Duong New City, offers residents in the target high standard and quality living.

IJC Aroma is a combination of apartment consists of 4 buildings with a height from 17 to 20 floors, when complete will provide 500 high quality apartments for market, are designed and construction follow the modern style, close to nature, the beauty of the apartment with equipment furniture used are quality and reliable products at present. Utilization of the landscape outside the ecology lake and of the large parks.

Owner of IJC Aroma apartment will be completely satisfied when their apartment is offered fully service the most advanced systems such as contact information, including the:

- Internet Access - ADSL.
- Phone wireless connection.
- Satellite TV, IP TV, system frequency mobile information ensures that contact is always through.
- Force protection professionals working 24/24.
- Camera system in place in the public areas inside and outside buildings.
- System of gas, central electricity system backup capacity, etc. ....

For further information, please contact:

Becamex Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Co (Becamex IJC)
Add: Floor 3rd, Binh Duong Center Building, No1 Tran Hung Dao Str.,
Thu Dau Mot District, Binh Duong Province.
Tel: +84.650.384 8789 - Fax: +84.650.384 8678.
Email: info@becamexijc.com - Website: www.becamexijc.com