Golden Square Danang - Knocking on a golden opportunity

Golden Square Danang - Knocking on a golden opportunity

Da Nang has become a more and more attractive investment for real estate investors seeking stability in an otherwise flat market. The list of international investors now includes increasingly wealthier and more famous names such as VinaCapital, Indochina Capital, Daewon Korea, Kingdom Hotel Investments and many others.

The total amount of foreign direct investment in Da Nang exceeded $2.7 billion with 162 projects already licensed (as of September, 2009). A 1400 kilometer long corridor, known as the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC), which ends at Tien Sa sea port in Da Nang Bay promises to connect Laos, Thailand and Myanmar to the East Sea and has transformed Da Nang into a gateway for the whole region.


In ancient times before recorded history, an incredible tale of an area so beautiful and timeless in its opulence developed and spread throughout the land, being passed on from generation to generation. According to the story, the area now known as Da Nang Bay was so desirable and attractive to the fairies in heaven above that they frequently descended from their Utopian bliss to enjoy leisurely walks and its breathtaking beauty. With a backdrop of majestic mountains, picturesque springs, and the open blue sea washing up on pristine white sand beaches, there was so much to enjoy that the fairies had a hard time leaving it. Today, this magnificent area is known as Tien Sa (The place where fairies come to earth). In full recognition of this unique and unforgettable landmark, the entire area is being rebuilt into Golden Square-a monument to the leading role Da Nang city will play in the development of the central Vietnamese economy.


Golden Square is located in the center of Hai Chau District - the most crownded trade and service area in Da Nang. Is is opposite Trung Vuong Theatre and adjacent to a green city park. Only a short distance away from Han River, Golden Square possesses a position that improves on an old saying that says to be near a market is the best place and by a river the second-best-it's next to both! This location is a gathering spot for most all of the economic, cultural and social flows that run through this modern city of Da Nang.

Here's a listing to show you just how close everything is!

- Just 7 minutes to the airport
- A mere 2 minutes to the city administrative center
- Only 5 minutes to beautiful My Khe Beach
- A very reasonable 20 minutes to The Nam Hai Resort
- And 30 minutes to Hoi An Ancient Town.


Based on a triple tower configuration ranging from 21 to 36 floors, Golden Square Project is one of the first business complexes in Danang. From its upper floors, you’ll look out over the spectacular city landscape of bustling streets and the Han River and Thuan Phuoc bridges. In the distance of the tranquil Hai Van pass and the colorful Marble mountains standing over the city like ancient and immortal sentinels. Tien Sa port and My Khe beach wait to greet you with sparkling blue waves and crystal white beaches.

Floors 5 through 36 of the Emerald and Diamond towers are two truly luxurious residential areas for fine apartment living. In total there are 371 apartments including13 penthouses.

The 27-floor western tower is a 300-room 5-star hotel managed by a world-renowned hotel group-one of the finest in the world.

Grade A office space is available for banks, financial services centers and local and international companies alike.

The trade area in floors 1 to 5 is the rendezvous of luxury shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, modern cinemas and multimedia entertainment center.



Luxury Apartments

These apartments will be the paradigm of modern living. A 2.1 meter-wide corridor gives the building an open, airy feeling. Each apartment comes with a indoor veranda that not only allows lots of natural light into each apartment but helps to give your little corner of the world a warm and open feeling that you’ll immediately notice.






Shopping Paradise

The first five floors in the apartment towers are an exciting and unique collection of department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, state-of-the-art cinemas, entertainment centers and luxury boutique shops. Indulge all your shopping fantasies

Whatever you are looking for, you’ll likely find it in the Golden Square. With an unparalleled selection of both leading local and international brands, your choice will ultimately come down to what you really want to buy. And on convenience…? It couldn’t be any easier than stepping out of your apartment and into the shopping complex.

Golden Square will fulfill all the living and the enjoyment needs of its residents with a cluster of four cinemas from 140 to 200 seats built under international standards, restaurants and luxury coffee bars, spa and beauty care areas.

Five-star hotel

Led by a world-renowned hotel corporation, our five-star hotel will provide an international flavor of elegance, luxury and consideration to Golden Square. By taking advantage of its international reputation, we are confident that time will allow it to increase the value of all the properties in the complex.

Combining the best in travel convenience with everything you have come to expect for your business meetings and conferences and a remarkable location featuring the ultimate in accommodations, we are sure that Golden Square will be a golden selection for all its esteemed business visitors.


To round off our description of the apartments, the outdoor swimming pool, beauty and health care clubs, kindergarten and modern recreational facilities will ensure complete convenience.


The Team

For further information, please contact:

Investor: Dong A Land
Add: 43R/12 Ho Van Hue Street, Ward.9, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3845 6858 - Fax: 84.8.3845 7341

Model House Sales Department
Add: Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ward. Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang
Tel: 84.511.352 2522 - Fax: 84.511.352 2523

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