Becamex City Center

Becamex City Center

Criteria of the master planning: The following criteria are the base on which architects and engineer will go into the detailed design. These are the standard to design the buildings and surrounding areas

1. Zoning

There are 03 zones in the area to be constructed
- Office buildings..

- Terrace houses

- High - class apartment

2. Land use

The parameter of land use will show proposed construction area for each zone. There are some spare space for future development and lanscaping for the buildings.

3. Site coverage and the height of the buildings

The planning parameter for site coverage of each zone will be defined clearly base on the demand of land use of each zone. The planning data for buildings can be seen as planning parameter of master plan.

The maximum height of the buildings is 18 stories according to planning parameter of the local. This is confirmed by the investor.

4. Infrastructure and walking street

According to the master plan, there are one main gate to the central area and two other gates. With the purpose of development for the whole area , the main gate will be located in a side of Binh Duong boulevard.

There are two traffic line for vihicles in the area with the stop point showed in the master plan to create the direction guidance for users

The infrastructure propose to be located in the two sides of the road.

5. Constructional stages

The whole center will be constructed in different stages. One plan will be made to show time schedule for each stage.

6. Constructional landmark

All the buildings will have the setback of 10m from the boundary according to the planning requirements of local authorities

a. The existing head office of Becamex IDC is located in the northwest part of the area proposed to build the center. The planned office building will be built next to the existing office .The existing office will be destroyed right after the completion of new office. This spare space will be used provisionally as a park and car parking.

b. High-class apartment will be contiguous with the axis of the road proposed to be expanded and the terrace houses next to Becamex office.

c. Car paking is designed in the master plan to serve for the terrace houses and office buiding. The car parking with many stories mainly serve for the terrace houses. One part of the area proposed to built new office will be used as a car parking for staff and visitors of the office building.

Relationship of Becamex Commercial center and Surrounding areas

Becamex city center is located in central area of Thu Dau Mot town, 30 km far away from Ho Chi Minh city Center, located along Binh Duong Boulevard. These create favourable conditions for commercial exchanges with other areas of Dong Nai Province and HCM City

For further information please contact:

Becamex IDC Corp
Add: 230 Binh Duong Boulevard, Thu Dau Mot District, Binh Duong Province
Tel: 84.650.382 2655 - Fax: 84.8.382 2713.